Friday, March 25, 2005

Translation Workshop in Chicago

The Goethe-Institut Chicago, a branch of the German federal agency promoting German culture world-wide, is very active in furthering literary translation and working with translators in the U.S. Since 1996, the Institut has been awarding the annual Helen and Kurt Wolff Translator's Prize for literary translations from German to English (past recipients include Breon Mitchell, Anthea Bell, and Joel Agee).

They also offer one-day translation workshops for experienced and beginning translators on a regular basis. The next one, on May 10, is dedicated to the literature of Thomas Mann (on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of his death). It will be conducted by John E. Woods and Michael Heim, two of the most prominent translators of German literature.

I wish I could go! Alas, I'm giving two finals that day. Considering how many American translators work in an academic environment, perhaps the organizers could hold one of the next workshops on a weekend day or another date that's more accommodating to teachers and students?



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